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My Disposal Is Not Draining

When your garbage disposal is not working correctly, the food doesn’t go through easily, and it accumulates inside the pipes. Hence, your garbage disposal will get clogged, and the draining process will be delayed. Dealing with the garbage disposal yourself is very dangerous since it has sharp blades. Not to mention, it uses electricity as well, which makes doubles the threat.

The best solution is to leave it to a professional who has years of experience and will find the best solution for the problem. In other words, 911 Water Heater Conroe, TX. We have a highly-efficient team of a plumber who will make your garbage disposal work again in no time.


Causes for Disposal Clogs

Your garbage disposal is there to crush your food; however, if you don’t take care of what you’re disposing of, it won’t last long. Not to mention, living without garbage disposal will increase the chances of having unwanted insects and rats in your house. You can avoid all this by keeping certain things away from your garbage disposal.

Things like coffee grounds, putting garbage way too fast, eggshells, and animal bones sometimes are hard to crush and can cause a clog. Therefore, it is best to avoid them. However, if you happened to clog your disposal and you need help, call 911 Water Heater Conroe, TX without hesitation, and we will be there.

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Experienced Team of Plumbers

If your garbage disposal is not working, leaking, stuck, or not draining, call 911 Water Heater Conroe, TX. We have an efficient team of plumbers who are ready to provide you with all the help you need in garbage disposal repair. Our team will also provide you with garbage disposal installation and replacement for any broken part that might need replacement.

Our team has the certifications and the experiment that qualifies them for the work. We have been providing service for people in Conroe, Texas, for more than +10 years. Do you have a garbage disposal problem? Then, what are you waiting for? Call us now and book a visit.

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